Rhonda Allison

Jeana holds up a bottle of Rhonda Allison.

Rhonda Allison was the first skincare line Jeana chose to carry at Art of Skin Care in 2007 and has been a staple ever since. Rhonda Allison represents everything we look for in our skincare products—natural, skin-friendly ingredients with scientific backing and incredible results.

Rhonda Allison Professional Skincare is a medical-grade skincare line formulated by master esthetician Rhonda Allison. Rhonda’s products provide potent ingredients that provide real results. Her approach is very different from other formulators, and as a result, her products are incredibly special. Here are two starter tips to get you off on the right foot.

Rhonda Allison Cleansers all contain potent active ingredients. To make the most of them, massage the cleansers on dry skin before emulsifying with water and then rinsing clean. This allows the potent ingredients to be fully absorbed by your skin.

Rhonda Allison Toners also contain active ingredients and can be thought of as serum-toners. For those new to correctives, you can start with a toner or a serum. You can add to your routine as you acclimate to the products. A great starting place is Antiox Defend Toner, with mandelic acid, vitamin C, and powerful antioxidants for skin protection. Clear breakouts, address aging concerns, and even pigmentation all in one product.

Need help designing your perfect Rhonda Allison Skincare Routine? Reach out to our team of licensed estheticians for free professional advice.

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110 Results

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