Our Values

At Art of Skin Care our core value is "people first." For our customers, this extends to empowering them with education and providing the best possible customer service. For our staff, it means promoting from within whenever possible, creating a happy and uplifting workspace, and fostering a supportive team environment. We are always looking for people who are excited to grow with us and be a part of the AOS team.

AOS Employee Guide to Success

Be a Team Player

This doesn't just mean getting along with your co-workers, it means building relationships and trust with one another. We are looking for individuals who are not caught up on their personal successes but actively looking for ways to help their teammates, and the whole AOS team, succeed!

Don’t be Afraid to “Rumble”

Success cannot be attained without constructive conflict. This means a willingness to share and talk through disagreements, trust our teammates with honesty and vulnerability, and to not hesitate to commit once a decision has been made––Even if it wasn't the decision you agreed with.

Always Assume that People are Doing their Best

Whether it's a customer or a co-worker, when we assume that everyone is doing their best it puts us in a better place to offer support, resources, and constructively problem solve.

Think Like an Owner & Be a Go-Getter

When our business is successful, we are all successful! If you spot a problem, a process that could use improvement, or just have a great idea, let someone know! We love our employees to take initiative and help us problem solve, create new ideas, and get excited.

Be Reliable

If you take on a task, see it to completion or see it through to the right hand-off. If you hit complications, let your coworkers know right away. If you have taken on too much, be upfront about it and transparent with your teammates. It's okay to ask for help!

Seek Personal & Professional Growth

Take courses, read books, attend a conference, or pick up guitar lessons! We believe what makes you a better person, makes us a better company. We invite you to take full advantage of the AOS lending library and continued education opportunities.

If You Don’t Like the Beat of our Drum, Exit the Dance Floor with Grace

It's okay if AOS is not a great fit for you. We want everyone on our team to be committed and excited about where we are going and how we are doing it. If that's not you, then we respect your decision to move on, and wish you all the best!

Perks & Benefits

Many perks come along with being a part of the AOS team. We want to help you grow while you help us grow! Enjoy benefits such as paid time off, a 401k plan, career development opportunities, and more, all while working with passionate and inspiring team members.

  • Paid Time Off
  • Access to Continued Education
  • Employee Discount
  • Retirement Program
  • Bonuses
  • Employee Rewards Program
  • Bonuses
  • Employee Rewards Program
  • Retirement Program
Art of Skin Care Positions

To apply for a position when there are no current listings, please submit a resume and cover letter by clicking the button below. Your cover letter should tell us which department you are interested in working in, why you would love to work for AOS, and why you would be a great addition to our team. We often hire from these submissions before we even create job listings! *Please note, we do not hire remotely at this time. Applicants must be local to Sacramento, CA.

Customer Happiness

Our Customer Care team is super close-knit and passionate about skincare! They put our customers’ needs at the forefront and participate regularly in continued education opportunities to make sure that our team's knowledge is always at the peak of skincare innovation. You should apply for a position in this department if you love skincare, love people, have excellent communication skills (both spoken and written), and have either a license in esthetics/cosmetology or experience in the industry.


Our Fulfillment team is a fun and active department! They are responsible for the beautifully wrapped packages our customers receive and the speed at which they receive them! It is not uncommon to hear the team singing along to 90's hits as they package up orders or to see someone bust some moves while shelving inventory. You should apply for a position in this department if you have great work ethic, are comfortable being on your feet for most of your shift, have attention to detail, and love to have a little fun during your day!

Marketing & Creative

AOS' Marketing team is another close-knit team of creative and strategic minds. They are the source of the creative content we produce from imagery to videos, to written content. They also help us with tracking and optimizing our analytical data, SEO, and business trajectory. You should apply for a position in this department if you are passionate about marketing, social media, design, video, web development, copywriting, or advertising.

People of AOS