NN-Life Millface Ceramic Gua Sha Tool
Item No. NN1001
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

NN-Life Millface Ceramic Gua Sha Tool

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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NN-Life Millface Ceramic Gua Sha Toolis a premium face massage tool to release fascia and promote skin health.

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Why We Love It

Superbly elegant and luxurious, this might be the nicest gua sha tool we've found. This Korean-made tool is super smooth with multiple thoughtfully designed edges. Each side addresses a specific curve or part of the body for ease of use. These ceramics also emit FIR (far infrared rays). These rays may help promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and removal of toxins from the body for an extra benefit.

Gua sha massage is an tried-and-true form of massage to release fascia and thereby soften fine lines.

Millface Gua Sha Diagram

Who Will Love It

  • Anyone looking for the ideal facial massage
  • Those seeking natural wrinkle and fine line reduction
  • Anyone looking to relax their face, neck, and shoulder

What's Included

  • Millface Gua Sha Massage Tool
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cloth Pouch

Due to the nature of hand-made ceramics, there may be marks, slight variations in color, and flow of glaze. This is normal!

Recommended Use

Please refer to the included instruction manual for in depth massage guidelines.

Basic Facial Massage

  • Sweep up from the center of your chin to your ear using the V-line side of the Millface.

  • Gently rub around the rounded sides/"bulb" of your nose using the bead of the Millface.

  • Sweep across from your nose to your ear using the bead of the Millface.

  • Gently work around your eye the bead of the Millface. Use caution and take it slow.

  • Massage your hairline with small, circular motions using the C-Line side of the Millface.

  • Starting with your temple, use the bead of the Millface to rub back around your ear and down to your collarbone.

Advanced Techniques

  • Ear Massage: Rub down the upper part of the ear, pulling it away from your body using the S-Lineof the Millface.

  • Back of the Neck: Slid up and down the lower part of the back of your head and neck using the S-Line of the Millface.