As an Art of Skin Care client, you only expect the best, and as such we have put together a system to ensure that you achieve your healthy skin goals. Whether you are concerned with aging, acne or both, we offer you the expertise and products to bring your skin to its optimal best for health and beauty. Additionally, having an initial consultation often helps you to avoid costly skin care mistakes.

Step 1


Your first step is to purchase an email consultation. Upon completion of your purchase, you will be emailed a prompt to complete an online questionnaire to help us understand your unique skin condition. Please be thorough with your answers.  The more information that we have, the better we are able to help you. You will also be asked to submit some quick photos. These may be taken with your cell phone. A clean face and good natural lighting are helpful for these. Don’t worry, we will not share these photos. They will be locked away in your file.

Which consultation should you purchase?

You should do the Acne & Blemish Prone Rx

If you are blemish prone, are concerned with blackheads or pebbles under the skin or if you have Rosacea.  If you have these symptoms along with healthy aging concerns, this is still the consultation for you.  We can focus on clearing your skin and preventing aging.

You should do the Healthy-Aging Rx

If you never or rarely get blemishes, you qualify for the Healthy-Aging consultation.  Age is not a factor for this consult.  It is for all ages that are concerned with maintaining healthy glowing skin that resists premature aging.

Step 2

Analysis & Recommendations

After analyzing your questionnaire and photos, we design a strategy for helping you to reach your skin care goals. This strategy may include lifestyle choices, diet, herbal supplements and a personalized skin care regimen.

Step 3


If you are an acne client achieving clear skin requires 3 commitments:

1. Commit to checking in every two weeks until your skin is clear.
2. Commit to making any necessary dietary changes.
3. Commit to only using acne safe skincare, makeup and hair products.

Step 4

Get Started

Once you have received your assessment and recommendations, it is time to purchase your products and get started.  Your initial $50 consultation fee is applied to your account.  You can use this toward your purchase. You will see the credit available at the payment section of the checkout process.

Step 5

Monthly Coaching Support

If you are an acne client, we encourage you to submit a check-in form that includes pictures, bimonthly, until you reach your clear skin goal. This way, we can monitor your progress and make the incremental changes that are required to achieve clear skin. Customized changes to your home care routine ensure that your skin is challenged, in just the right way, to achieve your goals. We have a 90% success rate with clients that check-in regularly.

Healthy Aging clients are encouraged to check-in via email, as the seasons change. This way we can monitor your skin condition and progress, challenging your skin with new products when needed.

Step 6

Celebrate & Maintain

Now that your skin is healthy and clear, it is essential to stick with your recommended protocol and continue to avoid acne causing foods, skin care and cosmetics. We continue to be available for you. Drop me an email, when you have questions or concerns or want to try something new.


Your initial consultation is $50.  However, this is applied to your account in the form of an online credit.  You can use this credit toward your next product purchase!

Follow up care is free.  We encourage our acne clients to check in bi-monthly until their skin is clear.