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Sculplla H2 Stem-Cell Mist


The Sculplla Mist mimics Sculptra facial filler, giving the skin a youthful plump finish. 

Designed to make facial filler last longer, this spritz contains the collagen stimulating Poly L Lactic Acid. This is the plumping ingredient found in the injectable filler Sculptra and in the Sculplla Facial. Poly L Lactic Acid, also known as liquid bandage, is a safe ingredient that is used in surgery. 

This is the newest formulation that has twice the amount of Poly L Lactic Acid!

5 oz. Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

Studio Tip

This spritz provides excellent plumping support. We like to place some of this liquid in a roller bottle and roll into the lines forming around the eyes and lips. Reapply throughout the day.

Avoid the eye area. It will cause puffiness. Keep it just below the orbital bones.

Recommended Use  

For best results, apply on top of Caviplla and massage well into the skin. For enhanced penetration use the My Skin Buddy or the Le Mieux DermaRed. Sculplla Mist will penetrate through your moisturizers and your makeup. Spritz throughout the day and spritz to set your makeup.


This is a specialty product from Korea. The packaging is in Korean. Instructions in English are included inside the box.


Purified water, ethane mol. Dipopylene glycol polysorbate 20, aloe vera extract, betanine, haline, toin, adenosine, beta-glucan, elderberry leaf extract, centro-leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, disodium OICIEI 01, polylactic acid, raspberry extract, rosehip fruit extract, cornstarch extract, 01 sera laura extract, 0 liter extract, cranberry citrus extract, western crestella seed extract, gugija extract bokbunja extract, hydrogen (0.002%) lecithin, butylene glycerol 013, Glycerin caprylic / capric triglyceride 01, flower terras barberry extract (0.0003%), elderberry branch/ leaf extract, al-sandi b. Mernesses methanol, clofenesin, spice, WIH, Tripeptide-1 Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Arm 01 Tohl Pentapeptide, 4 sodium ascorbyl phosphate.

Individual Results May Vary