MTS MicroNeedle Roller 0.3mm
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4.2 out of 5 Customer Rating

MTS MicroNeedle Roller 0.3mm

Clinical Resolutions
4.2 out of 5 Customer Rating
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The MTS MicroNeedle Roller 0.3mm is your trusted companion on the path to healthy aging, unveiling a more youthful and radiant complexion. 

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Why We Love It

Experience the ultimate in safe and high-quality derma rolling right in the comfort of your own home. The MTS MicroNeedle Roller from Clinical Resolution unlocks a professional skin treatment to boost collagen production at home. 

Rest assured that the MTS Roller guarantees the utmost safety with its surgical stainless steel needles, ensuring they will never break off in your skin. This exceptional derma roller is a testament to durability and precision, constructed with the finest materials. The barrel and handle are meticulously crafted from Lexan® polycarbonate resin, while the axle is polished stainless steel. The MTS Derma Roller boasts an unprecedented count of 200 bristles (needles), the highest among any roller, all made from surgical stainless steel. With a patented manufacturing process, these needles are permanently held in place, accurately within an astonishing 0.02mm of the specified length from the roller base. Each roller is meticulously marked with a unique quality-control serial number, ensuring unparalleled quality assurance. 

  • MTS Derma Roller lasts longer than other rollers. MTS's patented design and superior materials give the  MTS Roller twice the lifespan of most other roller brands, up to 6 months, if you follow the simple cleaning and care instructions. 
  • MTS Roller is a versatile treatment alternative applied to a wide range of skin conditions, including depressed acne scarring, surgical scars, sun-damaged skin, uneven skin texture, uneven skin coloration (hyperpigmentation), wrinkles, smile lines, stretch marks,  cellulite, and hair loss. 

Why We Love Derma Rolling 

Discover the remarkable power of derma rolling, backed by extensive clinical studies! It's been proven that derma rolling is more effective than ablative laser resurfacing and just as effective as non-ablative treatments like CO2 lasers in stimulating collagen and elastin production. Unlike lasers that can sometimes lead to scar collagen, derma rolling promotes a different response. It boosts TGF-B3, FGF-7, and EGF levels, which are key players in naturally generating collagen and facilitating scarless wound healing. With derma rolling, you can confidently journey towards healthier, rejuvenated skin, harnessing the amazing potential of your body's regenerative processes. 

  • There are no known negative side effects. 
  • Maximizes the absorption of skincare serums. 
  • Microneedling stimulates collagen production by gently stimulating the skin's deeper layers. 
  • Safe for use on sensitive skin, including thin & dry skin. 
  • It can be used to boost the effects after Medical Collagen Induction Therapy. 
  • This type of needling can be done on people who have had laser resurfacing. 
  • It can be used on areas of the skin where laser resurfacing cannot reach. 

Recommended Use 

Collagen Inducing Facial with Microneedling: 

  1. Cleanse skin twice using a gentle gel cleanser to remove all makeup and oil, and pat dry. 
  2. Exfoliate the skin using a gentle exfoliant such as AnteAGE Regenzyme
  3. Working one section of the face at a time, apply one pump of NeoGenesis Recovery Serum or AnteAge Microneedling/Microchanneling Solution of choice. Use the chosen solution to keep the skin moist while needling. The skin must remain wet while rolling. 
  4. While the skin is still wet, begin to needle the skin, section by section, using gentle but very firm strokes.  
  5. Roll the skin up and down vertically 5-10 times. 
  6. Roll the skin back and forth horizontally 5-10 times. 
  7. Roll the skin up and down diagonally 5-10 times. 
  8. The skin should be pink when you finish. If it is not, complete the cycle again. You can also repeat the process on problem areas until the area is nice and pink. 
  9. Once you have completed rolling every section of the face, neck, and chest, apply another layer of Recovery Serum or AnteAGE Solution. Reapply Serum or Solution every 30 minutes for 90 minutes or until the AnteAGE solution is used up. 
  10. Once the bottle is finished, you may apply a gentle moisturizer and SPF. 
  11. Resume your regular skincare routine the next day. 

Microneedling may be repeated every four to five weeks. Some light flaking is normal. Wait to roll again until the flaking has subsided. 

Care Note 

  • This roller is designed to be used up to twice monthly and should be replaced every six months. 
  • Clean the roller after every use. Clean the needles of debris by pouring 70% isopropyl alcohol into a clean cup, dip your roller into the cup for a few seconds, then set it to air dry on a clean surface. Do not dry the roller with a towel. 

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