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Healthy Aging Consultation


Many people have used ‘trial-and-error’ as a skincare method, but that doesn’t give you a thorough understanding of your skin, its needs, or how to treat it so you see the results you want. The health of our skin is connected to our self-esteem, and it’s never too late to enlist our experienced professionals to help you make positive changes to your skin so it glows with the same radiance you feel inside.

Getting Started

Once you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll send you an email with our signature Healthy Aging quiz for you to complete. Get your camera ready too, since we will need to see photos of your makeup-free skin to fully assess your needs. Then, we'll make recommendations based on your skin so you can meet your future goals.

Some might say repetition gets boring, but not us! You can purchase this consultation as often as you’d like. To keep your skin in tip-top shape, we recommend a consultation a few times a year.

The fee for this consultation is $50 and is not redeemable for store credit.

*Purchased your consultation but haven’t received your questionnaire yet? Check your spam or promotions folder!

Individual Results May Vary