Victoria De'Ann

Key to Viktoria De'Ann Peptides

Pepti Eye Serum is the best product that I have found for dark circles, puffy eyes, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

 Pepti Lift lifts the face.

 Pepti Tone tones the face and helps with flaccid skin.

 Pepti Elastin is those needing more lift and addresses saggy jowls.

Pepti Repair helps to smooth the texture of the skin caused by acne scarring.

Pepti Correct HP lightens dark pigment spots from the inside out.

 Pepti Hyaluronic for wrinkles (face, mouth) and helps your body build its own hyaluronic acid.

 Pepti Pad to fill in the natural fat pad areas that you have lost in your face. Wrinkled mouth, hollow eyes, bridge of nose, back of hands and chest and forearms.