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Visual Changes Protocols

Healthy Aging

Sample Routine One:

1.     Cleanse with Ultra Gentle Enzyme Cleanser

2.     Soothe and Hydrate: Advanced Calming or Hydrating Serum (as needed)

3.     Exfoliate: Skin Resurfacing Crème (dry) or Gel (normal to oily) 12% or Lactic Nutrient Cream (dry/sensitive)

4.     Moisturize:  Retexture Crème (normal to oily), Light Recovery Complex (normal), or Phytosome Nutrient Crème (dry skin)

5.     Eye Youth  

6.     Ultra-Protection SPF 30

Sample Routine Two:

1.     Cleanse with Ultra Gentle Enzyme Cleanser

2.     Tone: Skin Resurfacing Pads 1 to 3 times per week.

3.     Nourish: Collagen-C Young Again Skin Complex

4.     Firm: Resurrection Serum

5.     Moisturize: Retexture Crème, Light Recovery Complex or Phytosome Nutrient Crème

6.     Eye Youth  

Weekly: Double Enzyme Masque and/or Purifying Calming Masque.



1.     Cleanse:  Ultra Gentle Enzyme Cleanser or Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser

2.     Tone:  Skin Resurfacing Pads. Can be used every other day.

3.     Hydrate:  Advanced Hydrating Serum or Advanced Calming Serum

4.     Moisturizer:  Retexture Cream (normal to oily) or Light Recovery Complex (Normal to dry)

5.     Eye Youth

6.     Daily SPF: Ultra Protection SPF30


1.     Cleanse as above

2.     Collagen-C Young Skin Complex

3.     Skin Lightening Crème (dry skin types) or Serum (oilier skin types)

4.     Retexture Crème or Light Recovery Complex

5.     Eye Youth

6.     Weekly:  Derma Scrub Microdermabrasion Cream

Sensitive and Rosacea


1.     Cleanse:  Ultra Gentle Enzyme Cleanser

2.     Hydrate:  Advanced Calming Serum (this is the best!)

3.     Moisturize:  Retexture Cream (oily) Light Recovery Complex (normal) or Phytosome Nutrient Cream (dry)

4.     Protect:  Ultra Protection SPF30

5.     Eye Youth


1.     Cleanse (as above)

2.     Correct: Collagen-C Young Skin Complex or Lactic Nutrient Crème (you may alternate with these)

3.     Moisturize: as above

4.     Eye Youth

Blemish Prone


1.            Cleanse with Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser

2.            Tone:   Gly-Sal Pads. These are extremely beneficial for controlling acne.

3.            Correct:  Skin Resurfacing Gel 12%

4.            Balance oil:  Sulfur-Sal Gel

5.            Nourish:  Retexture Crème

6.            Eye Youth  


1.            Cleanse with Skin Clearing Cleanser

2.            Tone:  Gly-Sal Pads

3.            Correct:  Skin Clearing Gel 5% (for acne it is best to treat the entire breakout prone area rather than spot treat).  Do not start with Skin Clearing Gel 10%.  You will want to have the option to bump to the higher strength in 4 weeks.  (Acneic skin needs to be slowly challenged until it is clear.) You may alternate Skin Clearing Gel with Skin Resurfacing Gel 12% or Sulfur-Sal Gel.

4.            Do not layer Moisturizer over Skin Clearing Gel.  This will interfere with the action of the BPO.  Instead, if you need hydration, apply Hydrating Serum under the Skin Clearing Gel.

5.            Eye Youth

Mask:  Purifying & Calming Masque helps keep your pores clean and reduces inflammation and redness.  Fruit Acid Masque Exfoliates and helps keep your pores from clogging.  Skin Soothing Masque is used to calm and hydrate.  Each mask should be used once per week on alternate nights.

Oil Controlling


1.            Cleanse with Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser.

2.            Exfoliate: Gly-Sal Pads. Can be used every other day.

3.            Control oil: Sulfur Sal Gel

4.            Nourish: Retexture Crème

5.            Eye Youth  

6.            Ultra Protection SPF 30


1.            Cleanse with Skin Ultra Gentle Enzyme Cleanser

2.            Exfoliate: Skin Resurfacing Gel 12%. Then apply Sulfur Sal Gel.

3.            Nourish: Retexture Crème.

4.            Eye Youth 

Dry Skin Quenching

1.            Cleanse Ultra Gentle Enzyme Wash

2.            Hydrate: Advanced Hydrating Serum

3.            Correct: Lactic Nutrient Crème or Collagen-C Young Again Complex (PM)

4.            Moisturize: Phytosome Nutrient Crème

5.            Protect: Ultra Protection SPF 30 (AM)

6.            Eye Youth

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