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Time Master Pro Battery (Silver Model)


A Time Master Pro Battery (Silver Model) for replacing a depleted or aging TMP battery from the new, silver model of the TMP.

Warning: This battery is only compatible with the newer, silver Time Master Pro model.

Replacement Instructions

What you'll need:

1 x Screwdriver that came with the TMP

1 x Fine tweezers (Optional, but highly recommended)

On the back of the TMP, there are two screw holes with silicone plugs. Use tweezers to gently pull out the silicone plugs. Using the small screwdriver that came with the Time Master Pro, take out both screws. As gently as possible, pull the back cover off of the TMP. This may take some force, as it is tightly fitted onto the device. Unseat and unplug the battery. Next, plug in the replacement battery and seat it into the device. Making sure the wires are safely tucked in, close the device and screw it shut. Make sure to fully charge your device after installing a fresh battery.

Individual Results May Vary