Meet Morgan

Your skin (and ours!) wouldn’t be the same without Morgan, our resident Acne Specialist. She works closely with our acne clientele to help them reach their clear skin goals and educate them on the best ways to keep their skin clear. She’s also the person that answers all your skincare questions through our Live Chat support. We sat down with Morgan to ask her a few questions of our own… and learned a few things in the process!

Q: What is your favorite thing about working for Art of Skin Care and/or in this industry?

A: When clients send me photos of their skin when we first work together they are often looking away, frowning, or their eyebrows are furrowed. It's unconscious, they just feel so uncomfortable and it shows on their face. Fast forward several months later once we've made progress with their skin and they are often smiling, looking right at the camera, and sometimes even striking a cute pose. They are confident and proud of their skin for once. I love that! That is my favorite part about working for Art of Skin Care.

Q: Any professional designations or accomplishments?

A: You can find me caring for my vegetable and flower garden (my family jokes that I measure my plants every day), trying something new in the kitchen like fermenting my own ginger beer, or antiquing any chance I get.

Q: What is your skin type and primary concerns?

A: I would categorize my skin as highly acne prone with a tendency towards dryness and redness.

Morgan's Favorite Products