Enzymes exfoliate the skin by digesting away the dead skin cells on the surface. This increases cell turnover, clears clogged pores, improves skin texture, and helps your other skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin for increased hydration and greater effect. There are so many great options with enzymes, and they’re generally more gentle than physical or acid-based exfoliants, perfect for the warmer months and a great option for those with sensitive skin. But they are loved by all skin types and have a place in nearly any skincare routine.

At Art of Skin Care, some of our favorite ways to incorporate enzymes into your skincare routine are by adding an enzyme cleanser or mask. Cleansers tend to be the most gentle option and can be used daily or every other day, while masks are typically recommended to use weekly. Because enzymes provide a more gentle exfoliation method, you can incorporate them into any routine, even when using retinol, glycolic acid, vitamin C, or other actives.

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