Skin Accumax™



"...I wish I had this product when I was a teen.  I've suffered from acne may entire life...I'm 45 years old now and I've never felt prettier.  I've noticed my skin texture has changed, it's smoother, the redness has faded, I don't have to cover up as much as I used to before."

"I started using Skin Accumax 3 months ago and the transformation of my skin has been remarkable...I've tried many acne products including antibiotics with no relief..."

“After taking [Skin] Accumax for several weeks I noticed my skin clearing up, my red bumps began to shrink, my face didn't hurt anymore. I am 35 and have tried many things. I like this because it's natural, it works and it makes sense to clear skin from the inside out."  


Katie's Program

Duration using Skin Accumax: 6 months

Dosage: 4 per day


Jake's Program

Duration using Skin Accumax: 9 weeks

Dosage: 4 per day