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Shaving Bumps & Folliculitis

Many people confuse folliculitis and acne because they look so much alike. Folliculitis is characterized by small red, non-inflamed bumps that, when extracted, only exude a clear fluid. There is no purulent head.  Learn more about folliculitis here.  


For shaving the body or bikini, we love the Nelly De Vuyst Soothing Mask as a shaving Mask. This mask is also excellent for post-waxing. To prevent ingrown hairs, use the BioFemme Ingrown Hair Complex. 


BioFemme Soothing Mask is an excellent replacement for shaving gel or cream. It is acne-safe, calms redness, and prevents shaving irritation and bumps. BioFemme Ingrown Hair Complex can be applied immediately after shaving and will prevent and clear ingrown hairs. We also recommend using Rhonda Allison Mandelic Defense Lotion as your daily toner. 

Learn more about shaving and acne here.