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Rewards FAQ

Q - How do I become a Glow Points Member?

Joining our rewards program is simple! By signing up for an account on our website, you are automatically a part of our program. You'll get 50 points just for becoming a member! Once you've signed up, you'll have full access to our rewards and the many perks. Each time you come back, make sure you log in to track your progress, your transaction history, and to redeem offers with your points.

Q - Do my points expire?

Nope! The points you accrue are yours forever -- they don’t expire!

Q - How do I check my point balance?

Once logged in, you can check your point balance on both the Rewards page and your Account page.

Q - How do I earn points?

Earn points each time you spend at Art of Skin Care! Points will be earned on each dollar you spend, excluding all shipping fees and taxes (rounded down to the nearest dollar). Please allow 48 hours for your points to appear on your Account page.

You can also earn points via our Rewards page, where you can follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and enter your birthday for point bonuses. Simply sign in and click on the point bonus you would like!

You can earn points even when purchasing E-Gift Cards, however, you will not earn points when redeeming an E-Gift Card.

Q - How do I use my points to redeem rewards?

You can use your points as a store credit. Once logged in and ready to check out, go to the Account page, then click the Rewards tab. From here you can see your Glow Points balance as well as the option to Redeem.

Once you have redeemed your points, they become a store credit on your account.  You can use this credit toward your purchase.  You will see the credit available at the payment portion of the checkout page.

You cannot use our reward credit to pay shipping fees and/or taxes.

Q - How do I know what tier I am in?

Once logged in, you can check your tier on both the Rewards page and your Account page.

Q - I can’t log into my account! What do I do?

No problem! Click “Forgot Password?” to reset your password. From there, you’ll need to verify your email address and we’ll lead you through the process to get you back into your account. If you’re having any further issues, please contact us and we’ll get you sorted!

Q - Can I transfer or merge my points between two separate accounts?

While you can accrue points on separate accounts (depending on which account you’re logged in with), you cannot transfer or merge points.

Q - How do I update my profile to redeem my birthday bonus?

To redeem your free birthday gift in your birthday month, be sure to first update your profile! Then when your birthday month comes around (Happy Birthday!), you'll receive your point bonus automatically! Because you will receive your bonus on the first day of your Birthday month, you must enter your birthday before your birthday month.