Pore Refining

One very unpleasant fact of life is that our pores appear larger as we age, especially around the nose. Often, these pores are much more noticeable if you have oily skin, but even women with dry complexions can suffer from large pores within the dreaded T-zone. Most enlarged pores on the face are the result of hereditary factors, more than anything else.

Aging skin that is not well exfoliated and nourished tends to lose its glow, firmness and tone. This skin is not breathing well and circulation is stagnant. The skin begins to sag. A corrective skin care regimen will stimulate exfoliation, new cell metabolism and increase circulation. Skin that is gently exfoliated and well nourished is healthy glowing and firmer. The pores function better, have better tone and appear visibly smaller because the skin is firmer.