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Pimple Dimple Acne Patches


Pimple Dimple Acne Patches are an easy, transparent patch that accelerates the healing of inflamed blemishes using Hydrophilic Colloid.

Why We Love It

These are the safest way to remove an unwanted whitehead. Instead of popping your pimple, just apply one of these patches to clean, dry skin and leave overnight. By the morning your blemish will be drastically reduced! 

36 patches, two sizes included: 8mm & 12mm

Recommended Use

Apply to clean, dry skin and leave overnight. Do not leave on for over 12 hours.

Studio Tip

We love these for for our clients that can't help but pick at their pimples. Applying a patch can help reduce the urge to pick, as well as help draw out the white head. These are also wonderful for protecting an inflamed pimple underneath a mask.


Hydrocolloid gel infused with polyisobutylene, Tea Tree Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Calendula Oil.

Individual Results May Vary