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Our team is passionate about two things...helping our clients achieve their optimal skin, and helping them maintain it.

Everyone comes to us with their own unique goal in mind, and our experts are dedicated to helping you reach them. We’re experts in our field, with the degrees and certifications to prove it, and we’re always learning about the latest ingredient discoveries and technologies. We’re dedicated to discovering what’s missing in your skin care routine and what’s holding you back from your goal of perfectly glowing, healthy skin. You could call us detectives, but we’d prefer it if you thought of us as your partner-in-radiance.

jeana sits in a pink chair smiling

Jeana LeClerc

Founder, Master Esthetician, Acne Specialist

a young white woman with a dark curly pixie hair cut, and brown eyes, sits smiling in a pink chair.

Celine LeClerc

Director of Customer Education 


Mahalia LeClerc

Creative Director


Madeleine LeClerc

Director of Customer Care


Ben Frisbey

Logistics Manager


Morgan Sheldon

Master Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist

a white woman in her early thirties with a blond shag haircut, blue eyes, and red lipstick, smiles at the camera. She is wearing hoop earings, a gold nose ring and a rust colored sweater.

Ashley Campbell

Graphic Designer


Shannon Jolley

Customer Care Specialist


Victoria Yang

Shipping Associate


Jake Abed

SEO Strategist