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Now That You Are Clear

Now That You Are Clear

Complying with as many of the following points as you can will help your skin stay as clear as possible. You have worked hard to get clear and you deserve to stay clear.

Continue to use your home care products just as you have been using them throughout your treatment. This is critical and the single most important thing you can do to remain clear! Remember, acne is never cured, only controlled. It's the faithful use of your products that will keep it controlled. 

Stress is a key aggravating factor of acne. Cut stress where you can. Get plenty of sleep.

Drink lots of water and watch out for iodine-containing foods (kelp/seaweed, most salty foods, sports bars/drinks), avoid peanut products, and limit dairy consumption.

Make sure to check the ingredients of any cosmetic, face or body product, shampoo or conditioner for the presence of acne-aggravating ingredients. Refer to the list on our site.

If you start breaking out again (and you have been using your products consistently), let us know so we can adjust your routine.

Avoid using fabric softeners (liquids or dryer sheets).

Avoid anything that creates heat or friction on the skin; resting your face in your hand, caps and visors, backpack straps, excessive use of hot tubs or saunas, etc.

Wear your acne-safe sunscreen EVERY DAY.

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