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My Skin Buddy


My Skin Buddy (MSB) Special

Purchase an MSB and receive a FREE sheet mask ($10 value)

Key Points

  • Enhances product penetration
  • Reduces redness and inflammation (red LED)
  • Stimulates collagen, lifts and tightens skin (red LED)
  • Deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates skin
  • Kills bacteria that lead to acne (blue LED)
  • Balances oily skin (blue LED)

Start with Good Vibrations

Exfoliating dead skin is essential to a radiant complexion. The most basic tasks can be enhanced when the steps of a facial are combined with Ultrasonic Vibration Technology that break up dead skin cells and gently exfoliates them away. My Skin Buddy (MSB) uses 8000+ ultrasonic vibrations per minute creating a soothing mini massage while lifting, firming, and tightening the skin.

Get the Gunk Out of Here

Removing dirt and oils from pores is the job of cleansers. With the power of two proven technologies of Ion Care and Thermal Heat Therapy, My Skin Buddy gently and effectively emulsifies dirt and oil and gently pulls them out of the skin. This dual action allows for your cleansers to better clean the skin and greatly improve skin clarity.

Send it Express Delivery

Product penetration is critical to delivering nutrients deep into the skin layers to feed, nourish, and renew the skin. Ion Care Technology improves product penetration! If you’re investing big dollars into expensive serums and moisturizers that are packed with peptides, amino acids, and antioxidants, you can maximize the benefits of all your products with the Infusion Mode.

Add Some Light to Your Life

LED Light Therapy has been shown to have enormous, clinically proven benefits for the skin. My Skin Buddy offers three LED light settings—Red, Green, and Blue—to help fight the signs of aging, calm sensitive skin, and treat acneic problems. My Skin Buddy is ideally suited to treat virtually every skin type and color.

Enhance your serum penetration

Mix a pump of your favorite hyaluronic or water-based serum with a spritz Le Mieux Iso Cell Recovery Solution or Sorella Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist. The spritz will act as a carrier vehicle along with the My Skin Buddy to penetrate your serum more deeply into the skin.

My Skin Buddy Specs

Red penetrates the deepest 6pcs LED, Wavelength 630 nm
Blue 6 pcs, 460 nm
Green 6 pcs, 520 nm
Ultrasonic 8000+ pulses per minute
Thermal heat is 104-113F

Recommended Use

Detailed instructions included. Note that it cannot be exposed to running water or be used in the shower, it is not waterproof. 

1 click = Red LED Cleansing Mode

2 click = Blue LED Infusion Mode (antibacterial mode for blemish prone and oily skin)

3 click = Green LED Infusion Mode (brightening dark spots)

4 clicks = Red LED Infusion Mode (healthy aging)

5 clicks = Multi LED Infusion Mode (all skin types)

6 clicks = No LED 

Studio Tip

Jeana's daily My Skin Buddy protocol:

  1. Cleanse using the MSB on 1st click for 5 minutes being sure to spend time on the neck and chest. Use fingers to add water to face as the cleanser gets sticky.
  2. Spritz with Sculplla Stem Cell Mist (line filler) and infuse with MSB on 2nd red LED setting
  3. Nourish with your serums and moisturizer or apply a sheet mask.
  4. Infuse into the skin using the MSB on red, green, or multi setting (If using a sheet mask, infuse for 5 minutes on vibration only on LED, then remove fabric and infuse for 5 more minutes with LED.
  5. Moisturize and protect with AOS Skin Perfection SPF40 or Sorella Quench & Protect.

Individual Results May Vary

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