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MTS MicroNeedle Roller 0.3mm


The MTS MicroNeedle Roller 0.3mm is a safe, high-quality derma roller for home use in anti-aging microneedling.

Why We Love It

This is the safest microneedling derma roller in the industry. Be assured these surgical stainless steel needles will not break off in your skin! The MTS MicroNeedle Roller unlocks a professional skin treatment to boost collagen production at home.

  • MTS Roller lasts longer than other rollers. MTS's patented design and superior materials give the MTS Roller twice the lifespan of most other roller brands, up to 6 months if you follow the simple cleaning and care instructions.
  • MTS Roller is the highest quality roller on the market today. Only MTS Roller is made from surgical quality Lexan (compare with other rollers made from ABS plastic or resin), and the highest quality surgical stainless steel available in the world.
  • MTS Roller is a safer product than other rollers. Manufactured under strict ISO9001 standards in MTS's own high-tech cleanroom facility.
  • MTS Roller is a versatile treatment alternative. Applied to a wide range of skin conditions including depressed acne scarring, surgical scars, sun-damaged skin, uneven skin texture, uneven skin coloration (pigmentation), wrinkles, and smile lines, stretch marks, cellulite, and other blemishes.

Why We Love Derma Rolling

Clinical studies have shown that derma rolling is more effective than ablative laser resurfacing and just as effective as non-ablative treatments like CO2 lasers in stimulating collagen and elastin production. Lasers generate a fibrosis response that promotes scar collagen (thick, parallel orientated bundles), while derma rolling results in increased TGF-B3, FGF-7, and EGF which promote natural collagen with scarless wound healing.

  • There are no known negative side-effects
  • Extremely high absorption of any type of chemical substance
  • Collagen induction through controlled mechanical stimulation of the dermis
  • It can be used on sensitive skin, including thin & dry skin
  • It can be used on face, neck, and body
  • Promotes realignment of old collagen bundles
  • Complete preservation of the epidermis during the procedure
  • No permanent damage to the skin and no pain during the procedure
  • No bleeding, infection, discoloration, or other complications on the treated area
  • Can be used to boost the effects after a Medical Collagen Induction Therapy
  • This type of needling can be done on people who have had laser resurfacing
  • Can be used on areas of the skin where laser resurfacing cannot reach
  • Only 24-48 hours healing period completed the next day and the patient can go into public
  • Only 3-5 days protection from ultraviolet light required

Recommended Use



Instructions for using your MTS MicroNeedle Roller:

  1. Cleanse skin twice to remove all makeup and oil, pat dry.
  2. Working one section of the face at a time, generously apply 4 to 6 drops NeoGenesis Recovery Serum and then spritz with NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist.  The skin must be wet while rolling.
  3. While the skin is still wet, begin to needle the skin using gentle but very firm strokes. 
  4. Roll the skin up and down vertically 5-10 times.
  5. Roll the skin back and forth horizontally 5-10 times.
  6. Roll the skin up and down diagonally 5-10 times.
  7. The skin should be pink when you finish. If it is not, complete the cycle again. You can also do the cycle twice on problem areas.
  8. Once you have completed rolling every section of the face, neck, and chest spritz with NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist and apply 4 drops of NeoGenesis Booster Serum to damp skin. 
  9. Apply NeoGenesis Barrier Renewal Cream.  (This is the only cream that can be applied immediatly after rolling. If you do not have this cream, wait an hour before applying anything else to your skin.)
  10. After an hour, you may apply sunscreen.  We recommend AOS Skin Perfection.

Microneedling may be repeated 1 to 3 times per week. Some light flaking is normal. Do not roll again until the flaking has subsided. Treat the skin twice per day with NeoGenesis Recovery Serum and/or Booster Serum.

Care Note

This roller is designed to be used 2 to 3 times per week for 6 months and should be replaced every 6 months.

Clean roller after every use. Clean the needles of debris  by pouring 70% isopropyl alcohol into a clean cup, dip your roller into the cup for a few seconds, then set it to air dry on a clean surface. Do not dry the roller with a towel. Once dry, place in our UV Sanitizing Bag.

Individual Results May Vary