Mouth / Deep Vertical Lines

Vertical lines around the mouth and lip area are very resilient! Now that I am in my 50s, I have developed a strong interest in this area!

I have found that softening these lines takes a multi-pronged approach.

1. Exfoliate: I like to use ​Le Mieux Vita C Clear Skin Pads 2 times per week in the evening. Daily, I like to use ​Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter. I use this every morning after brushing my teeth.

2. Nourish/Repair: I have a two-step process. I first use the​ Le Mieux Collagen Peptide Serum, followed by the ​Bion Line Reducing Complex. I actually use the LM Collagen Peptide Serum over my entire face. I noticed a difference in all of the lines on my face within 6 weeks of using this product. The Line Reducing Complex provides a bit more moisture along with the peptide boost and is only to be used on areas where deep lines are forming.

3. Lip stick can be very tricky as these lines develop. I find that the most youth enhancing lipsticks are the ​Jane Iredale Lip Plumpers.