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Meet Ericka

Ericka joined our team shortly after COVID hit, and has been a key part of our Customer Happiness Team ever since! Ericka answers your calls, chats, emails, and even works closely with acne clients within our consultation program. Everyone who is lucky enough to know her will say she is kind and thoughtful, always putting warmth into her interactions with clients.

When Ericka is not busy with AOS, she loves to spend time at home with her husband, two fur babies, plant babies, and books! Check out Ericack's full routine here.

Q. What is your position at Art of Skin Care?

A. I am a part of our Customer Happiness Team and a Certified Acne Specialist.

Q. What’s your daily skin routine like?

A. My current skincare routine looks pretty intense because I'm trying to get a personal feel of all the products, we carry.

Q. What are your favorite/Holy Grail skincare products?

A. I love serums with a passion, especially with a good slip. I learned you could mix a few drops of Michele Corley Licorice Root Additive into any serum. From there I went playing with products and WOW, I instantly fell in love. I also really love a good eye cream. NeoGenesis Eye Serum and Michele Corely Peptide Rich Eye Cream are my two favorites. Lastly, my entire life my mom instilled the importance of SPF. So naturally, I now cannot leave my house without applying SPF.

Q. What are your skincare concerns?

A. I have never really had any major concerns. I get occasional breakouts a few times a year, and some redness. However, my redness has almost diminished completely due to learning so much from AOS. I’m in love. Yay!!!

Q. Coffee or tea? And why?

A. Tea, especially Chai Tea with almond milk and agave. The aroma and blend of spices just makes me so happy inside. It is so delicious!

Q. What would your last meal be?

A. Oh, this is hard. I’m a foodie. I would be happy with a California Burrito from a place called Karina’s in the North San Diego area. That was my go-to place when we lived in So-Cal.

Q. What’s your go-to midnight snack?

A. I love ice-cream! Specifically, sherbet or really anything cold at night is my go-to snack even during winter.

Q. What’s the one TV show you never miss?

A. At the moment I’m all about This is Us. That show hits my heart with so many emotions all while giving me life advice it’s weird but awesome. My husband won't watch it but he sure knows a lot about it because I tell him what's going on every Wednesday.

Q. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

A. Hot Cheetos!I have no self-control; they hurt me after every time but I just can’t stop eating them.

Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

A. I like the idea of teleportation, so that in case I see any accident I could help people out of safety fast and also see different parts of the world.

Q. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

A. What came to mind is a Spanish song called Lamento Boliviano by Los Enanitos Verdes or in English, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammie Terrell

Q. Would you rather have unlimited sushi or unlimited tacos for life?

A. Tacos de Adobada also known as Al Pastor, for life!

Ericka's Favorite Products