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MA 32 Peel Pads


MA 32™ is a combination of 32% mandelic acid and a uniquely textured pad to treat acne and hyperpigmentation while also rejuvenating the skin. The pad is designed to exfoliate and allow the mandelic acid to further penetrate into the skin for a deeper revitalizing peel. With its special formulation, this product is aimed to treat all skin types and skin tones. MA 32 is the cutting edge for effective skin results.  

These pads are strong enough to instigate a light peel for most people.


Apply peel to desired area. Leave on for up to 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.  

Some resilient skin types may leave the solution on skin overnight. Use caution and work up to this slowly.

These pads arrive dry. Moisten each pad with water or with toner. We like to use the Rhonda Allison Mandelic Defense Lotion or the Face Reality Acne Beta C Toner.

Studio Tips

If you would like to customize the peel to your skin, here are my suggestions:

Level 1 is for a first-time peel. As you gain experience with this peel, adjust to the level that will best suit your skin strength. You may like to do a peel every 5 weeks. In that case, start with Level 1 and progress every 5 weeks to the level that you like best.

Level 1: Massage peel pad into desired area for 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.

Level 2: Massage peel pad into desired area, leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Level 3: Massage peel pad into desired area, leave on overnight. Rinse the next morning.

Level 4: Massage peel pad into desired area, allow to dry. Apply 2 to 3 layers using a fresh pad for each layer and allowing the skin to dry completely in between layers. These layers may be left on all night or rinsed after 5 to 20 minutes.

Optional for levels 3 & 4: You may top with a retinol (vitamin A) serum and leave on all night. We recommended Rhonda Allison Retinol Supreme.

These are professional strength mandelic acid peel pads.

You may experience a stinging sensation during use of these AHA pads.  
Skin may appear red post-treatment.
Test the product on the neck and behind the ear the night before use to insure that you have no allergic reaction.
Use SPF 28 or higher and stay out of the sun prior to use. Sun exposure prior to use of these pads can promote more dark pigmentation for sensitive individuals.


SD Alcohol 40, Mandelic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Fragrance.

Individual Results May Vary