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Scrubs vs Polishes

Scrubs vs Polishes

7th Feb 2019

Manual exfoliants (scrubs and skin polishes) work by physically rubbing away dead skin cells. Manual exfoliation is particularly helpful for removing dull dry cells from the surface of the skin. They are also very helpful for stopping dark pigment from building up on the surface.

Scrubs are an excellent choice for those with stronger more resilient skin. This is usually skin in the normal to an oily range with larger pores in the t-zone. The best scrubs utilize smooth round eco-friendly granules. Avoid scrubs with jagged rough granules, such as apricot kernels, these will damage the skin. For blemish prone skin take a look at Face Reality Mandelic Scrub. Those with dark pigment to tame, check out Rhonda Allison Brightening Scrub. Both scrubs combine gentle acid/chemical exfoliation with smooth round eco-friendly granules.

Polishes & Polishing Powder?

Polishes are the best choice for those with delicate skin that is prone to redness or small broken capillaries. These are usually skin types that fall in the normal to dry range and generally have small pores to non-visible pores on the t-zone and face.

Sorella Grapefruit Polishing Powder is an excellent example of a polishing powder. This powder comes in a shaker can. Mix it in your hand with a bit of water or creamy cleanser to create a creamy polish. A polish combines finely ground eco-friendly particles, such as rice, with gentle acids. The acids loosen the bonds between the dead skin cells and the particles gently polish the dead skin cells away.

What is a Gommage?

A gommage is cream or a paste that is thinly applied to the skin and allowed to slightly dry. The word gommage comes from the French word that means “to erase.” The rubbing action that is used with a gommage is very similar to erasing a word with a pencil eraser that crumbles as it is rolled over the paper. Traditionally, a gommage combines chemical exfoliation through AHA’s or enzymes with mechanical exfoliation through the action of rubbing. A gommage leaves the skin feeling ultra silky and smooth.

How to Use a Gommage
Apply the paste to the skin, allow it to dry slightly while the gentle acids or enzymes loosen dead dull skin cells on the surface. Then gently rub it off. The gommage rolls off the skin as it is rubbed. Specially combined “sticky” ingredients adhere to microscopic dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Sorella Mint Poppy Seed Polish is an example of a gommage that utilizes lactic acid, kaolin clay, and poppy seeds to gently resurface the skin. Rhonda Allison Papaya Tangerine Enzyme is a gommage that utilizes papain enzyme, goat milk, and diatomaceous earth to slough off dry dull skin cells.