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Jeana's Self Love Tips...

Jeana's Self Love Tips...

22nd Feb 2019

A Weekend Facial Is A Must!
There's nothing like resetting via a luxurious hot bath and home facial. I personally find home facials feel all the more personal, nurturing, and sacred. Each step of my facial protocol is a beautiful ritual, one that I find a peaceful refuge in time and time again.

Evening Skin Routine Level-up
Many individuals struggle with consistently sticking to their night time skin routine. I found that completing my routine at the same time every evening helped immensely. It has now blossomed into the perfect night time self care ritual, that gives my morning routine a run for it's money.

Bedtime Body Cream!
To help endure these cold winter months, I make it a habit to treat my skin to a full body rub down before bed. My feet always need extra love and Bion Glycolic 20% Cream is always near at hand. I adore all of the FarmHouse Fresh body lotions and like to change my scent choice with the seasons. This routine is just the perfect bedtime act of self love.

Pillowcase Care...
How often do you change your pillow case? Bacteria is a major culprit behind acne. You want to make sure that you are changing your pillow case at least every 2 days, sleeping on each side only once to keep from spreading bacteria and acne while you sleep. If you want to save on resources, turn the pillowcase inside-out after 2 days and use each side once more.

Rose Quartz Massages
Rose quartz stones have an amazing ability to...
- Reduce Inflammation
- Support the Renewal of Skin Cells
- Stimulate Natural Detoxification
- Bring Oxygen to the Skin's Surface to Improve Tone, Luster & Glow.
The stone's natural cold touch calms inflammations and cools the skin's overall temperature. I absolute can't use mine enough! Along with all the benefits to the skin these little beauties are so calming and stress revealing... Making them the perfect addition to any self love routine.