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My Resolution To Healthy Aging... Anti Anti-Aging.

My Resolution To Healthy Aging... Anti Anti-Aging.

27th Dec 2018

When one works in the beauty industry it can be easy to lose perspective. Naturally, we all want to look and feel beautiful... And who doesn’t want to forever capture that youthful dewy glow? As we strive to look our best, we must temper the negative anti-aging message that the beauty industry attempts to sell to us at an early age. It’s important to remind ourselves that there is no void of beauty within aging, it’s quite the opposite.

With age comes maturity and the ability to accept one's life and self. A major component of self-acceptance is coming to terms with the uncontrollable forces of change that the passage of time brings. All living things change, grow, and hopefully evolve for the better. The sooner we understand and embrace this fact of life, we can start what I feel is the richest part of our journey. Within self-acceptance I have found contentment, joy, and a breathtaking authentic version of myself.

Language is powerful, by simply changing a word we can shift the way we view and approach a matter. That’s why, early in my career, I coined the term Healthy Aging. I didn’t want to feel like I was warring with the clock or combating a natural process that one should be grateful to experience. I want to embrace and nurture every moment that I’m allowed to grow older on this planet.

I’m a grandmother, it’s okay for me to look like a grandmother. I have a responsibility to my daughters, grandchildren, and audience to change the narrative of aging. What am I mirroring, saying, modeling to them as they watch me age? My journey shines through my age, my experience, my growth, my life’s story… I feel and look more vibrant than ever, and I’m not slowing down. I’m aging gracefully and Healthily.

I absolutely love taking care of my skin, helping it to better weather the passing of the years. I am not naive to the fact the time will have its final say, and that's okay. It was my passion for serving and empowering women that drew me to the beauty industry years ago. I want to continue to respect those humble beginnings and stay true to myself and to all of you.

So, in the spirit of self- love, and acceptance let us look at our aging selves through a lens of gratitude. Let's change the conversation of aging to one that honors the wisdom that comes with growth. I love who am I and my becoming. I want you to love you too.

Skincare is high-level self-care, it's an art. I am thrilled to continue to provide you with the products and necessary knowledge to help you vibrantly glow year after year.

Cheers to a New year & New you!