Le Mieux Mask Tips

Note:  you will  see the best results from these masks if you use the Le Mieux DermaRed.

Le Mieux TGF-β Eye Firming Mask

These little masks are a miraculous eye line eraser. Results are noted with just one single application. The sophisticated micro delivery system helps to improve the appearance of the fine lines and stimulates collagen synthesis.


Remove the protective layer from the eye mask. Apply the mask patch approximately 1/4 inch under the eyes. Make sure the entire mask is applied evenly on the skin. Boost penetration with the Le Mieux DermaRed for 5 minutes.  Leave on for 15-20 minutes, total.  Do not leave on longer than this or it will dry the skin out. Remove and discard the mask after application. Do not rinse after the mask application. Apply the appropriate eye cream for your skin.

If you have TGF-B booster serum, apply a couple of drops of TGF-β Booster Serum on the face, including the eye area until it absorbed prior to applying the eye masks. If you have EGF DNA Serum apply it after removing the eye mask but before applying your regular eye cream.

Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask

Experience an ultimate complex bio-delivery infusion process that deeply saturates this mask with intensive serums that soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

In one simple step, this complete moisture infusion immediately relieves dry, dehydrated skin. Specially formulated with anti-aging ingredients and the most stable Vitamin C (MAP), the mask brightens dull skin and provides a unique cooling sensation.


Apply to clean, dry skin. Remove gauze mask from white protective layer. Place the serum saturated gauze on the face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. To boost penetration use the DermaRed for 5 minutes while the mask is on and for a few additional minutes, after removing the mask. Do not rinse after the mask application.

Le Mieux Bio-Cell + Mask

Le Mieux Bio Cell + Mask is the most innovative mask of its kind in the skincare market. Made of highly specialized Freeze Dried Marine Collagen Mask, it incorporates wound care technology for healing and soothing while dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In just 15-20 minutes, see amazing results that you thought could never be possible from a mask. Without a single doctor's visit, without a single injection, your skin will look incredibly brighter, firmer, and smooth.


Apply to clean, dry skin. The mask is already infused with concentrated serum and can be applied as a one-step system. For maximum benefit, it is highly recommended to apply TGF-ß Booster serum on the skin prior to using Bio-Cell+ Mask. There are three layers in Bio-Cell+ Mask. The two outer layers are protective covers that need to be discarded. You apply the middle (Freeze Dried Collagen) layer.

1) Remove mask from packaging.

2) Remove the first outer layer of shiny white paper-like material from the mask.

3) Apply the mask with the thin, silky, Freeze Dried Collagen layer side on the face and the linen-like layer (which will be discarded) on the outside.

4) Carefully remove the outer layer of linen-like material from mask. This leaves the Freeze-Dried Collagen on the face.

5) Leave mask on the face for 15-20 minutes.  To boost penetration use the DermaRed for 5 minutes while the mask is on and for a few additional minutes, after removing the mask.

Do not rinse after removing the mask from face. Massage remaining serum gently into skin until absorbed. Apply once or twice weekly for an intensive treatment.