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Le Mieux Healthy Aging

Morning Routine

Cleanse: Exfoliating Cleansing Gel or Microderm Exfoliant
Tone: Essence Toner (calms and reduces redness) or Brightening Toner (brightens and clarifies, best for oily skin types)
Wrinkle Treatment: TGF-B Serum - 85% peptides, this serum acts as a vehicle to carry other serums deeper into the skin.
Brighten: Vita-C Serum - You can use Rx Complex in place of TGF-B and Vita-C Serum
Firming Moisture Boost: Collagen Peptide Serum
Moisture: Essence Moisturizer (normal skin types), Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream (normal to dry skin types), or 24 Hr. Age Defying Cream (dry skin types)
Eyes: Eye Wrinkle Corrector
Protect: Vita-C Protection Cream, Skin Protective Emulsion, AOS Prime & Protect tinted primer SPF 40, or AOS Skin Perfection SPF 40

Evening Routine


Cleanse: Peptide Foam Cleanser
Toner: ISO-Cell Recovery Solution
Correct: Retinol Serum or Brightening Serum or Vita-C Clear Skin Pads
Nourish: Collagen Peptide Serum
Moisture Boost: Pat on a few drops of Derma Relief Serum as need for dry skin
Eyes: Eye & Lip Cream - Dot around orbital bone; do not apply near lash line.


Cleanse: Peptide Foam Cleanser
Exfoliate: Microderm Exfoliant
Toner: ISO-Cell Recovery Solution
Nourish: TGF-B Serum
Regeneration: EGF-DNA Serum
Moisturize: Pat on a few drops of Derma Relief Serum
Eyes: Eye & Lip Cream - Dot around orbital bone; do not apply near lash line.

Weekly Routine

Exfoliate: Vita-C Clear Skin Pads or Perfect Renewal System

Mask: Moisture Rescue Peel-Off Mask or Bio-Cell+ Mask

Those desiring a simpler regimen, I recommend that you replace TGF-B and Vita C Serum with RX Complex. Rx Complex combines elements of both serums and may be used AM and PM and also works well in conjunction with Collagen Peptide Serum.