Key to Le Mieux

TGF-B Booster Serum

Good for all skin types including very sensitive and acne with dehydration. - Slows down expression lines with 85% Peptides that target wrinkles. -Hyaluronic base. -Great carrier for other serums, increases absorption.

Not for blemish prone skin types.


Used in hospitals wound centers for increased healing. Good post surgical procedure as a dressing. Speeds healing and repair. Amino Acid base. -Balances combo skin. Not appropriate for acne skin types. Massage increases absorption.

Best when used over TGF-B Booster Serum.

Vita C Serum

The most suitable form of Vitamin C for skin care use.

Fights premature aging. -A must for anyone living in a sunny environment.

Stimulants collagen production to eliminate dull complexion, brighten and delay loss of healthy skin firmness.

Not for very oily or acne skin types.

RX Complex

Especially formulated for those clients that only want to use one serum. This serum boosts the growth factors in skin and Contains antioxidants and peptides that lighten and heal.

Not for sensitive skin types or blemish prone.

Works synergistically with Collagen Peptide Serum.

Hyaluronic Serum

Deep-penetrating, intense hydrating serum that promotes cell moisture retention.

Helps to quench dehydrated skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Best serum for oily skin that can’t take the other serums.

Perfect for blemish prone skin types.

Derma Relief

For extremely dry skin. Appropriate for Post Peel. Calms and soothes irritated dry skin or post peel/laser/micro-dermabrasion. Nourishes and protects the natural moisture factor by delivering key nutrients to hydrate and protect the skin.

Perfect for daily use to calm and soothe dehydrated and damaged skin.

Can be used to alone or as a boost to any moisturizer or foundation.

Not for blemish prone skin types.

Collagen Peptide Serum

May be used in place of a moisturizer for some skin types.  We love how this serum smooths the skin texture.

Extremely firming for the jaw line and neck.

Retinol Serum

One of the most cutting-edge retinol serum on the market today. Use 1 to 3 times per week on clean skin.

Brightening Serum

The skin is brighter within 10 days.

Continue for 3 months for optimal brightening.

Perfect Renewal System

These gentle pads work to clear congestion and inflammation from the hair follicle.  Though it is a 10% Mandelic Acid, the formulation is very gentle and may be used by most skin types.  Some can use these daily, others use them 2 to 3 times per week.

Brightens, plumps and decongests the skin.

Vita C Clear Skin Pads

Vitamin C combined with 5% Glyco will cause a single but does not irritate the skin. Excellent for all skin types including sensitive and acne. Gentle micro-peel prepares the skin for faster and more effective penetration of serums. Helps alleviate crow’s feet and lines around the mouth area.

Brightens dull skin.

Excellent for clearing blackhead prone skin.

May be boosted with a few drops of 5% Glyco Polymer.

5% Glyco Polymer

Special Glycolic formulation that is stabilized to reduce irritation.

Clarifies dull skin.

Great for large pores.

Good for combo/normal/oily skin types and treating blackheads.

Promotes smother, firmer skin.

May be used to boost Vita C Clear Skin pads by placing a few drops on the pad.

Reduces cellular debris, surface impurities, oils and dead skin cells. Not for Rosacea or sensitive skin types. May use up to 3 layers can be left on or removed with Iso Cell Recovery Solution.

Beta Acid

Least irritating exfoliant because it stays on the surface of the skin. Good for sun damage and inflamed acne. Not for blackheads. Prickly sensation on the skin. May use up to 3 layers and leave on the skin or 2 layers over Glyco Polymer and leave on.

Iso Cell-Recovery Solution

Mimics composition of blood by providing nutrients from the outside.

Accelerates healing and moisture retention for tissue regeneration.

Excellent post peel/laser/micro. Calms skin.

Recommended for cleansing and supplemental wound care. -Excellent for sunburned skin. All skin types.

Should be used as a spritz, after applying serums, to drive them deeper.  Use with the Skin Perfecter and the DermaRed.

Some of our Favorite Combinations

TGF-B with Collagen Peptide Serum for maintaining a firm jaw line.

Rx-Complex with Collagen Peptide as a moisturizer - men especially love the light yet firming action of this combo.

Collagen Peptide & 24 Hr. Age Defying Creme are excellent together for the neck and chest.

Most powerful anti aging for the eye area is using TGF-B Serum followed with Eye Wrinkle Corrector.