Hyperpigmentation, a discoloration of the skin, is often caused by inflammation, hormonal change or heredity. Inflammation leading to hyperpigmentation can come from prolonged sun exposure, tanning beds, acne, through the use of lasers or other injuries to the skin. Hormonally-induced hyperpigmentation appears most often during pregnancy but can occur with any fluctuation in hormones, such as puberty, the use of birth control pills and menopause.

A good lightener and sun block is key to reducing hyper-pigmentation. The Sorella Lemon Lightening Serum, a potent acne-safe lightening serum, will reduce pigmentation and reduce melanin production to keep future sun spots away.  Sun is a major antagonist against hyper pigmentation, in order to maintain and prevent further pigment issues, daily use of an SPF29+ is essential. Sunlight does not only affect pigmentation during the hot summer months, the winter UV rays can be just as damaging, which is why a daily SPF30 is important year round.