How to get clear skin

1. It is important to use the right acne products for your type of acne. A product that is good for inflamed acne (pimples, pustules and cysts) will not be good for non-inflamed acne (blackheads and whiteheads). Find out what type of acne you have here.

2. Products must be strong enough for your type of skin but not too strong. If products are not strong enough, your skin will not change much or for very long. If they are too strong, you will irritate and dehydrate your skin; stimulating more break out.  Products must be used in the right way. It takes strong products to get acne under control, but if you use too much too soon, you will irritate and dehydrate your skin. We find that if you start slowly and gradually increase in strength you will have the best results.

3. Skin adaption must be taken into consideration. This means you cannot allow your skin to get too “used” to products. If you do, then your skin will stop responding and won't stay clear. We generally adjust your skin care regimen every 2 weeks until you skin is clear.

4. Treating acne correctly takes guidance from an experienced acne practitioner. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve and maintain clear skin. For online help, enroll in my email consultation program.  The first step is taking enrolling in my online Acne Boot Camp.