HOP+ PLLA Pro Youth System
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

HOP+ PLLA Pro Youth System

House of PLLA
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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HOP+ PLLA Pro Youth System includes everything you need to get on the path to plump, smooth, youthful skin.

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Why We Love it

The star ingredient in all of these products is the Poly L Lactic Acid. This ingredient penetrates through the pore and plumps, making a noticeable difference right away. Along with this ingredient are growth factors, humectants, and antioxidants to provide long term benefits to the skin.

System Contains:

  • Caviplla Premium Caviar & O2 Multi Serum 1oz
  • HOP+ H2 Promoter Repair Cell Moisturizer (Dry skin formula) 1.7oz
  • HOP+ Pilleo Skin Prep Bubble Toner 5oz
  • Free Dr. esthe Enzyme Deep Clear Powder Wash ($36 value)

Who Will Love It

While those under age 50 get a kick out of using these products, those in their 60's, 70's and 80's are the ones that reap the most benefit. The HOP+ PLLA anti-aging system promotes firmer skin while minimizing pores and smoothing the skin texture.

Studio Tip

Always apply PLLA products to squeaky clean skin!

Cleanse skin with Dr. esthe Enzyme Deep Clear Powder Wash for a deep clean
Prep the skin with Pilleo Skin Prep applied with a toner pad.

Apply 2 to 4 pumps Caviplla and massage it well into the skin. It utilizes a unique oxygenating delivery system as you massage it into the skin. So, massage thoroughly for the best penetration! Follow with a tiny dab of Promoter Repair Moisturizer. Apply *Sun cushion and then Spritz with Pilleo Mist. Avoid the eye area! Caviplla is too strong for the eye area and will cause puffy eyes.

The icing on the cake is the Time Master Pro. This handy device is to be used twice per week to lift and plump the skin. We love the plumping effect on the lips and cheekbones!

*Currently, Sun Cushion is only available for fair and light skin tones.