Healthy Aging Coaching

Is your skincare still a priority when life gets busy? Or do you let it take a back seat and hope for the best while silently regretting the dullness, fine lines, or loss of firmness? Your skin is the body’s largest organ and one of the first things people see. Are you making sure it gets the attention it needs?

At AOS, we have put together a unique system that helps you achieve your healthy skin goals. Our team of Master Estheticians offers you knowledgeable information and recommendations for natural products that are hand-curated for their effectiveness.

With our online consultations, we deliver the same exceptional experience you’d receive in-clinic in your own home. That means you can stay in your comfy clothes while we deliver the results straight to your inbox.

One payment of $175 includes an in-depth email consultation with Jeana. Email support for 8 weeks with a follow-up mini-consult at 5 weeks.  A coupon for 10% discount toward your next purchase.


Step 1: Consultation

We’ll send you an online form to complete that assesses your skin condition and how we can give you tailored recommendations. We'll also request a few photos to get an in-depth look at your skin (don't worry, nobody sees them but your esthetician).

Is this consultation right for you?

You should choose this consultation if you rarely get blemishes (you lucky thing!). Age is just a number, which means it isn’t a factor for this consult. The Healthy Aging Brand Consultations are perfect for anyone concerned with maintaining healthy, radiant skin that resists premature aging. If you are subject to acne and would like the help of a certified acne specialist to get it under control, please select the Clear Skin Coaching Program.


Step 2: Analysis & Recommendations

After giving your skin a thorough analysis, we will recommend products we know that will help you meet your healthy skin goals.


Step 3: Get Started

Now it’s time to change your skin for the better by integrating our personalized skincare regimen and recommendations into your life.


Step 4: Celebrate & Maintain

As the seasons change so do our skincare needs. We recommend purchasing a Healthy-Aging Consultation seasonally so that we can monitor your skin needs, and make any suggestions that will help you keep your skin at its optimal best for health and glow.

“Jeana is always helpful and quick to respond. I appreciate the thorough consultation and advice she gave me. I have been noticing some nice changes in my skin and hope it continues to get better. I would highly suggest getting a consult!”

- Donna Y.

“Super helpful to get a customized consult so I don’t waste my money on products that aren’t right for me!”

- Marisa G.

“The products I purchased feel so rich and luxurious on my skin, like nothing I've ever used before. It's early to say but I think I am seeing a decrease in fine lines around my eyes. Jeana is very easy to contact and quick to offer help and answer questions.”

- Judy S.

“My skin has dramatically changed and I love these consultations because they are recommending products specifically for me! I no longer feel ashamed of my skin and now I can leave the house without putting makeup on!!”

- Sierra S.

Still Have questions About Our Consultations?

No worries! We've got you. Simply reach out to us on Live Chat by clicking the green chat button in the bottom right of the page.