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Hale & Hush Healthy Aging


Cleanse:  Quiet Wash

Tone:  Clear Future Toner (oily or blemish prone) - this can be use once or twice per day or per week, as needed

Serum:  Rare C Serum - brightens the skin and minimizes pore size

Hydrate/Moisturize:  Hush Hydrate (normal to oily skin types) or Vital Lipids (normal to dry skin types)

Eyes:  Eye Mousse

Protect:  Broad Spectrum SPF 30


Cleanse:  Quiet Wash

Toner: Clear Future Toner (oily or blemish prone)

Serum:  Rare Retinol Serum ( may be used one to three times per week, some may use it nightly)

Hydrate/Moisturize:  Hush Hydrate or Vital Lipids

Eyes:  Eye Mousse or Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum