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Face Reality Approval

Completing this questionnaire is required before your first purchase of Face Reality professional strength products.
If you have never used Face Reality products, STOP HERE and purchase OUR full full Acne & Blemish Prone ConsultationWith the comprehensive consultation, you can receive online acne coaching and help with choosing the correct Face Reality products for your skin.

We want to ensure that you love Face Reality as much as we do!

All information is strictly confidential.  


CREATE AN ACCOUNT. If you already have an Art of Skin Care account, SIGN IN. 



Take Photos of Your Skin 
Before Taking the Quiz!

Pictures taken with a smart phone are fine, email them to yourself and save them to your desktop.

You will upload your photos after completing the quiz portion of the consultation.

Instructions for taking photos

-Do not use flash

-If available, use a macro setting

-Make sure that your pictures are not fuzzy or blurry

 Take 4 photos

-One from each side

-One straight on

-Two of your most problematic areas 



Prescribed and Over the Counter Medications (Past and Present Use)
Current Skin Care Regimen
Check if you are allergic to:
What  are your skin care concerns?
Lifestyle Questions
Check the box, if yes.
Do you regularly eat or ingest:

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