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Deep Vertical Lines

True wrinkles are part of the natural aging process. Time and earth’s gravity work together: Over time, the elastin and collagen in the layers of our skin is diminished. The skin is left defenseless to the relentless effects of gravity. Hormone changes with the onset of menopause are also a contributing factor. As our estrogen levels decline, expression lines begin to deepen into static wrinkles.

Like sun-damaged skin, the loss of collagen and the loss of elasticity, due to natural aging, is challenging to reverse. Interestingly, research and personal experience show that those that carry a few extra pounds in their later years have plumper skin and show fewer folds. This may be because we store estrogen in our fat cells and estrogen.


Cell Regenerating Serums

Lifting Serums


If you’ve been on this planet for a while, it’s time to step up your skincare routine with a few essential tools:

  • The first tool to have on hand is the My Skin Buddy or DermaRed. These tools boost cleansing and serum penetration. Thus helping you to get the most benefit from your beautiful serums.
  • Second, I recommend the Time Master Pro. Utilizing ultrasound and LED to strengthen, lift, and plump the surface of the skin. You can feel your skin tightening as you use it. Best of all, it does not require daily use. The recommendation is to limit use to twice weekly for 10 minutes. I love what this device does for my nasolabial folds and upper lip!
  • The next tool to add to your arsenal is for those that are committed to a facial workout. The Clareblend Mini utilizes microcurrent to tone and firm lax muscles. It visibly firms the skin and should be used three times per week. The combined result of toning the facial muscles underneath and then strengthening the surface of the skin is immediate, visible results!

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