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Clareblend Microcurrent


If you're looking for dramatic lifting and tightening results from a simple at-home facial treatment, then the Clareblend Microcurrent Mini could be your new best friend. Each microcurrent treatment session is like taking your face to the gym, firming muscle tone and delivering the appearance of a non-surgical facelift. Microcurrent devices use low-voltage electrical currents to tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues of your face while also boosting collagen and elastin production.

The Clareblend Mini is the most advanced microcurrent machine we've found for facial toning and firmer skin. With its professional results, the Mini makes powerful microcurrent technology available for home use. Many home devices use high-frequency amperage (550+), which is overtaxing to the muscles and can lead to facial drooping. Also, most microcurrent devices are set at only one frequency, which might not be the ideal frequency for you. The Clareblend Mini uses low frequency with variable wavelengths that safely challenge the facial muscles, leading to more immediate and longer-lasting results. Many estheticians use this device for providing professional treatments. In our studio, we find that the Mini achieves better results around the eyes and lips than our professional machine.




Some of the amazing anti-aging results you can expect to see are reduced fine lines in your forehead area, lifted eyebrows and jowls, a more defined jawline, and youthfully contoured cheekbones. Your eyes will appear lifted and refreshed. The Mini improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, skin exfoliation, and dark spots. With regular use, you’ll enjoy skin that is more supple, bright, and glowing.

Included With Your Clareblend Mini

AOS Starter Kit

Free with your purchase of a Clareblend Mini, you'll receive our AOS exclusive Starter Kit. This kit provides everything you need to enjoy your own microcurrent facial including:

  • ISO-Cell Recovery Solution - Comprised of eight therapeutic minerals and amino acids formulated to soothe the skin, this healing spray increases retention of moisture, supports tissue regeneration, and enhances the penetration of other skincare products. This solution may be applied throughout your microcurrent facial to keep the skin moist. The minerals in this healing solution make it an excellent microcurrent conductor.
  • NeoGenesis Glide Gel - This long-lasting, silky conductive gel is our favorite for good reason. It has a simple ingredient deck that makes it safe for all skin types, it will never cause breakouts or irritation! It also plays well with other products. For example, we love to put a potent serum underneath our conductive gel to boost absorption while using our Clareblend, and this glide gel sits over the top without pilling or getting sticky.
  • Bio Cellulose Mask - This jelly-like marine collagen mask deeply hydrates, conditions, and calms skin. Paper-based masks are not conductive and won't work with the Clareblend. However, this collagen-based mask is perfect for use with the Mini. Bio-Cell+ visibly brightens and clarifies the complexion while also improving firmness and combating the signs of premature aging.

Other great features of the Clareblend Mini:

  • Safe for all skin types
  • Requires no downtime
  • Comes with USB cord
  • No battery to replace
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Stored in a canvas travel bag
  • Comes with manual, quick start guide, and diagrams
  • Includes a 6-month warranty

To learn more about how to use the Clareblend Mini, check out our Clareblend FAQs page.


“This is a very handy, easy to use little machine! I have used microcurrent faithfully for years, not realizing the importance of the variable current. I am happier with the results of the Clareblend than anything I have ever used in the past!”


- Suzie F.

“Love this product... Noticeable difference in just 2 weeks”


- Victoria D.

“I have sensitive skin, so the morning after my first Mini treatment I found my face a bit red and puffy. I waited a few days to do the next session and the same thing happened. I decided to give my face a rest for one week. OMG! My complexion was even and my normal ruddiness gone. I'm very excited to include the Mini as part of my regular anti-aging regime. I know for my sensitive skin, I just need more rest and repair between sessions. The results are very promising.”


- Linda K.