Clareblend Microcurrent Mini
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5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Clareblend Microcurrent Mini

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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The Clareblend Microcurrent Mini is a small microcurrent device for facial toning, stimulating facial muscles, and anti-aging.

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Why We Love It

The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent Device is the most advanced microcurrent machine we've found for facial toning and firmer skin. With its professional results, the Mini makes powerful microcurrent technology available for home use.

We love it so much that when you purchase the Clareblend Mini from Art of Skin Care you will receive our free AOS exclusive starter kit. This kit takes the guesswork out of getting started with facial toning devices and includes three essential products for starting your at-home facial toning microcurrent treatments right away.


This instrument utilizes microcurrent technology that must be used with a conductive gel (included with purchase).

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Color Options

  • Black with Black Bag
  • Blue with Blue Bag
  • Purple with Pink Bag

AOS Exclusive Starter Kit Includes

  • Bio-Cellulose Mask (Single)
  • Clareblend Microcurrent Gel 2 oz
  • Le Mieux ISO-Cell Recovery Solution 2 oz.

Also Included With Purchase

  • Clareblend Mini
  • Canvas Travel Bag
  • External Power Cord (the mini is not battery operated)
  • User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and detailed picture diagrams
  • 6 Month Warranty

Recommended Use

Basic Protocol

Start by cleansing the entire face and neck area thoroughly. At this stage, apply your Bio-Cellulose Mask, O2Calming Gel, and/or ISO-Cell Recovery Solution to the areas you will be treating. Follow the movements detailed in the instructional brochure included with your Clareblend Mini. Each stroke should start with a single beep when placing the Mini's electrodes in position and finish with a double beep upon completion of the movement. If you do not hear a beep, please apply more O2 Calming Gel and ISO-Cell Recovery Solution. The Mini cannot work without proper conduction. After completing all desired motions, put on your favorite SPF. Unplug your device and make sure to thoroughly clean the electrodes with a damp cloth before storing it.


When using the Clareblend Mini, you should complete one 30+ minute session per week. Follow the longer session with one or two additional shorter sessions per week.

Technical Specifications & Warranty

Technical Specs

-330 micro-amps 

-Mixed and random frequencies

-Includes USB power cable. It can also be powered via any standard USB ports.

-The Clareblend Mini does not have a battery and does not come with a wall plug.


-Six month limited warranty, covers manufacturing defects and AC adapter only. Does not cover damage due to misuse or normal wear and tear. Device must be sent to manufacturer for inspection before new device is sent. Contact us directly for help with the warranty process.

-Warranty is void when device: is transferred to another person; has been misused or subjected to an accident; has improper maintenance or repair; has undergone an unauthorized modification. 

How To Choose The Right Skincare Device


While microcurrent facials are safe for all skin types with no known side effects, there are specific health issues to take into consideration before starting any kind of microcurrent treatment. The Clareblend Mini facial procedure is intended for facial stimulation and should not be used if the following indications are present: Pregnancy, Seizures or epilepsy, Cancer or tumors, Cardiac pacemaker (or any electronic implanted defibrillator, simulators, or electronic devices as possible interference with these devices may occur), do not use if prone to phlebitis, thrombosis, or on varicose veins, use with caution on persons diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Use the Mini only on normal skin. Do not use on skin that is swollen, infected, or has cancerous lesions. With any medical issue please consult your doctor before purchasing. The Mini is designed for cosmetic use only and for individuals in good health. As with any medical condition or after facial surgery of any kind, please consult your physician before use.

The Clareblend Microcurrent Mini is intended for cosmetic use on normal skin for individuals in good health. The Mini is for adult use only and should be kept out of the reach of children. Wait a minimum of 10 days before using the Mini after Botox, facial injections or fillers of any kind, and professional microneedling (use after skin has fully healed). Clareblend Mini and the information included here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For all serious health problems, please consult a qualified health professional. We do not offer medical advice or treatment. All individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before using current-related devices, especially if known healthcare issues or concerns are present.

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