All women are susceptible to cellulite regardless of weight or size.  Connective tissue contracts and stiffens with age and this will tighten or pull down the skin causing the fat cells to pooch out against the skin.  Many researchers and skin care professionals link cellulite not only to fat cells, but also the buildup of toxins and trapped fluid (water) in the tissue.  Poor diet, smoking, sluggish lymphatics, hormones and not drinking enough water may all play a part in this condition.

Keys to Reducing Cellulite

  • If offered in your area, get weekly or monthly infrared body wraps.
  • Internal supplement: Delgado Liv-DTox, 2 caps, twice per day.
  • Drink more water!

Another factor to consider as we age is the loss of firmness and a crepey look on our arms, legs etc.  If you have hit 50, you know what I am talking about. Here is a protocol that will address cellulite, crepey or thinning skin and loss of firmness.

Rx for Firming the Skin and Reducing Cellulite

  1. Exfoliate daily. in the shower, with Rhonda Allison Bamboo Scrub (This scrub is not oil based so it won't make our tub or shower slippery.)
  2. Spritz the skin, daily,  with Rhonda Allison's anti cellulite spray: Peptide Spritz.  This amazing spritz reduces wrinkle depth and helps the body to release toxins that lead to cellulite.
  3. Apply Rhonda Allison Bio Reform 28 every morning.  Simply put, there is no other cream available that will firm your skin like this product! I use it on my neck, chest, arms and legs... daily. 
  4. Rejuvenate one or two evenings per week with Rhonda Allison Peel Cream