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All women are susceptible to cellulite regardless of weight or size. Connective tissue contracts and stiffens with age, and this will tighten or pull down the skin causing the fat cells to pooch out against the skin. Many researchers and skincare professionals link cellulite not only to fat cells but also to the buildup of toxins and trapped fluid (water) in the tissue. Poor diet, smoking, sluggish lymphatics, hormones, and not drinking enough water may all play a part in this condition.

Keys to firming the skin

  • Exfoliate daily in the shower with a Rhoda Allison Bamboo Body Scrub.
  • Boost exfoliation with a Rhonda Allison Peel Cream or Bion Glycolic 20% Cream 2 to 3 nights per week.
  • Daily apply Rhonda Allison Bio Reform 28 mixed with Rhonda Allison Peptide Spritz. This combination is excellent for the legs, arms, and neck.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get daily exercise and use Nelly De Vuyst OleaSlim Cream while you are working out to boost detoxification.