What You Need To Know Before You Roll

A derma roller may look like a child-sized medieval torture device, but the results are worth every tiny prick. Micro-needling improves product absorption, and stimulates collagen for more glowing skin.

First, what exactly is micro-needling? 

The process, though admittedly a little on the tingly side, stimulates new collagen and elastin, helps to reduce scars and fine lines, and minimizes the appearance of pores. It also helps the skin to better absorb skin care products.This means that you are more likely to get every penny’s worth of your serums.

Micro-needling is based on collagen induction therapy (CIT). It’s the principal that introducing micro-injury to the skin, i.e. the needling, wakes up a reaction in the skin that prompts your body to send collagen to the epidermis to repair the skin. Collagen is the protein that makes gives skin its lift and smooth, youthful appearance.

What You Need To Know Before You Roll

Don’t micro-needle skin that’s irritated, inflamed, experiencing active eczema, or broken out with acne. You’ll spread bacteria and worsen your skin. You absolutely must wait for all of these issues to clear before dermarolling.

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to your dermaroller. These are needles. That penetrate skin. Need I say more?

If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate certain products well, use the dermaroller with caution and definitely not with products you have any sensitivity to. You’ll be fast-tracking them into your skin.

If you’re using a standard roller a couple of times a week, you’ll need to toss it out and get a new one monthly. As the needles become dull, they can damage your skin.The MTS medical grade roller that I offer is safe for 6 months of rolling.

Keep your roller clean by submerging it in sanitizer before and after use.

Four Steps

Derma Roller Instructions

1.  Apply the appropriate Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Serum, to address your concerns, beforehand.  Allow the skin to dry. 

2.  Apply Le Mieux Hyaluronic Serum to your skin and roll while the skin is moist. Reapply Hyaluronic Serum, as needed, to keep the skin moist while you are rolling.  (Be sure to patch test your serums before the first time.  Remember, your skin will absorb the product faster than the usual rate and it’s possible that could cause irritation.)

3. Slowly roll in multiple directions using very light pressure.

4. Nourish, calm, and soothe the skin with Bion Collagen Revival.  If rolling in the morning, finish with J. LeClerc Skin Perfection tinted moisturizer with SPF40 and ceramides.


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