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Probiotics: Not Just for Your Gut

Probiotics: Not Just for Your Gut

3rd Aug 2018

You have probably heard about how important probiotics are for your gut health but did you know your skin needs them too? Probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotics (food for your good bacteria) are important for all skin types but especially beneficial to those with acne, rosacea, and eczema prone skin. Within these skin conditions lies a large underlying factor, inflammation. Inflammatory skin conditions are often rooted more internally than we realize. Many skin conditions start with internal inflammation that presents itself on the skin in the form of breakouts and rashes. Taking an internal probiotic has proven to be a key instrument in healing these conditions, as it causes an anti-inflammatory response and heals from the inside out.

After scientists confirmed the success of internal probiotics, they turned to study topical probiotic and prebiotic treatments. Just as the internal probiotics boosted the natural microbiome, so did the topical. Topical probiotics proved to even keep staph bacteria from escalating on the skin’s surface. Likely, you have seen an uptick in skincare lines using probiotics as main ingredients, and this is why! Not sure which products with pre/probiotics are right for your skin type? Here is an easy breakdown.

Acne with dry skin: Face Reality Clearderma and Face Reality Moisture Balance Toner

Excema and/or Rosacea with dry skin: Rhonda Alison Foaming Peptide Cleanser and Hale & Hush Vital Lipid Lotion

Acne and/or Rosacea with oily skin: Hale & Hush Clear Future Toner and Rhonda Alison Skin Smoothing Gel