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Get Sun-Kissed Without Sun-Damage

Get Sun-Kissed Without Sun-Damage

27th Jul 2018

As a skin care junkie, my face is almost always a few shades lighter than the rest of my body. In the summer, this difference is a bit more obvious than I like. Having a glowing, sun-kissed complexion during the summer is always tempting, but we know that it is always more harm than good. Tantasia is our go to for adding color without exposing our skin to the elements. It is acne-safe, making it easy to add into any existing regimen, even one with corrective acids! Don’t be afraid of self-tanner, it can be your best friend in the summer!

For a Sun-Kissed Face

If you are new to self-tanning, adding Tantasia into your routine is the easiest way to develop a tan without the risk of waking up orange. Tantasia can be added into your moisturizer for a subtle effect, or applied right before moisturizer for a deeper effect. Unlike some fake tanners that take hours to develop, Tantasia contains bronzer that gives you an instant glow, while the DHA develops over the next few hours.

For those looking to develop a deep tan quickly, you can use Tantasia morning and night after serums but before thicker moisturizers. Acne clients using BPO products will want to use it only in the morning, after acids and before or with moisturizer and SPF. Personally, I love the easy, natural tint from adding a bit of Tantasia into my Quench & Protect. When I do this, I don’t feel the need to apply as much foundation and blush. I just glow!

To avoid any patchiness, be sure to exfoliate before applying any self tanner. For this purpose, Rhonda Allison’s Derma Peel is ideal as it peels away any dead skin cells without the use of acids or beads, leaving just hydrated and exfoliated skin behind.

For a Bronzed Goddess Body

Tantasia is just as beautiful on the body. Like the face, it can be mixed with your favorite body lotion for a subtle glow. Our personal favorite? FarmHouse Fresh’s peptide infused Moon Dip Body Mousse that firms the skin and diminishes the signs of aging.

For the ultimate summer body routine, first begin with Bamboo Scrub to remove any dead skin cells and to prep the skin for the beneficial ingredients in the rest of your routine. Once out of the shower, mist all over with Rhonda Allison’s Energizing Peptide Spritz. Follow with equal parts Tantasia to Moon Dip!

Suffer from dark elbows and knees? Apply Rhonda Allison’s Peel Cream to those areas before the Tantasia and Moon Dip. Peel Cream gently exfoliates and increases cellular turnover, which will help lighten those troublesome areas.