Exfoliate... When, Where and Why

What Are Some of the Benefits of Exfoliation?

The biggest reason to exfoliate is because the skin will look fresh and vibrant afterwards.But there are other benefits as well.It will also enable skin care products to work more effectively. Products will be able to penetrate the skin more easily without the extra layers of dead skin cells.Make up will look better as well.The exfoliation process can also even out skin tone and help fight the aging process. This is particularly true in post-menopausal women since the process of shedding dead skin cells and regenerating new skin slows down during this time.

Which Treatment is the Best?

The best way to exfoliate depends on the overall health and sensitivity of each person's skin.If a manual exfoliating scrub is chosen, one with round, smooth granules should be used instead of one that is rough or jagged.Try Skin Script Retinol 2% Scrub/Mask for a gentle exfoliation that also stimulates healthy cellular regeneration.

One of my favorite methods of exfoliation is with enzymes.Enzymes gently digest away dull dry skin cells leaving the skin soft and glowing. Skin Script Beta Carotene Papain Renewal Serum is gentle enough to be used nightly.Those with sensitive skin and that are pregnant will prefer the enzyme method.

There are numerous types of chemical methods of exfoliation to choose from.Some are milder than others. Facial peels are a type of chemical exfoliation.Choosing a product that contains an acid such as mandelic acid, lactic Acid, or salicylic acid or glycolic acid will remove dead skin cells and cellular debris, leaving the skin looking healthy and fresh. Try Skin Script Glycolic & Retinol Pads.These pads can be used daily for oily or problematic skin types. Drier skin types try Le Mieux Perfect Renewal Pads.

How Often to Exfoliate?

It is recommended to exfoliate manually at least once a week and using chemical exfoliation intermittently, though this will vary depending on your skin type.Weekly exfoliation will be best for those with sensitive skin.Oily skin, however, may need to have those layers of dead skin cells removed more often.It is also important to remember to exfoliate the skin on the entire body on a regular basis. This includes hands, feet, and even your lips. Lipstick flaking off is a sign that the lips need exfoliating.For the body, I love Rhonda Allison Bamboo Scrub. For the lips, everyone loves Jane Iredale Sugar Butter. Keep it next to your toothbrush.I can’t brush my teeth without treating my lips!


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