​Billowy Texture... Instantly Firming... Youth Enhancing... Body Cream to Die For!

This arrived in the studio on Friday. Yep, I pulled the first one out of the box and clutched it to my chest. The words of my two-year-old granddaughter, Elowen, rang through my mind: "I want it!"I promptly confiscated the jar and put it in my purse.  Upon arriving at home (before making dinner), I jumped in the shower. I couldn't wait to give my Moon Dip a try.

Farmhouse Fresh got this one right!  From the beautiful jar and spoon to the scent, texture, and feel on the skin, Moon Dip is a winner!  With the change in season my skin has been very tight, dry and reptilian.  Moon Dip has changed that!  The cream envelopes your skin with creamy peptides, vitamins, and emollient rich oils. It feels wonderful. Just one application improves your skin barrier for days.  It is a thick cream but it does not feel oily or greasy.