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3 Reasons to Love Ferments

3 Reasons to Love Ferments

29th Mar 2018

Ferments, as their name suggests, are fermented nutrients. They first gained popularity in Korean Beauty products but have made their way to the west, and for good reason. Fermenting ingredients has many benefits to the skin. Here are our top 3 reasons to add ferments to your beauty routine.

1. It is easier for your skin to absorb. The process of fermentation breaks down and concentrates the molecules leading to higher and faster absorption into the skin. For example, Sorrella Apothecary's Spiced Wine Toner contains Pumpkin Ferment. Pumpkin naturally contains vitamin A and by fermenting it, the vitamin A is broken down smaller and is thus easier for your skin to absorb than it would be in non-fermented pumpkin.

2. It reduces the likelihood of a negative reaction to the product. Fermentation neutralizes toxins found in raw ingredients making them less irritating to the skin. In addition, fermented products mimic cell functions, allowing the product to work symbiotically within the skin further reducing the likelihood of a negative reaction. This makes fermented products especially great for sensitive skin types. In the case of pumpkin, fermentation reduces the likelihood of a negative reaction to vitamin A which many people with sensitive skin normal find too irritating to their skin.

3. It increases elasticity in the skin. Fermentation leads to the creation of amino acids, organic acids and antioxidants that work to increase hydration and firmness of the skin. Amino Acids in particular are great for increasing skin elasticity and youthfulness. Saccharomyces ferments are particularly good for anti-aging, as they create the highest amounts of amino acids. Saccharomyces ferments can by found in Visual Changes' Resurrection and Le Mieux's TGF-B Booster Serum.