Benzoyl Peroxide


Acne bacteria do not become resistant to benzoyl peroxide / BPO. BPO is both antibacterial and exfoliating, helping to rid the skin of dead cell buildup on the surface and in the follicle. When my studio clients begin using BPO, there is usually a fairly fast response, resulting in substantially clearer skin. Clients sometimes then stop using the BPO, thinking they are clear and do not need it any longer. Acne is a chronic condition and lesions will reoccur quickly if the medication is stopped.


Clients also sometimes overuse BPO, applying it more often or heavier than recommended. Because BPO is a peeling agent, it can be an irritant, especially if overused. The follicles can become irritated from overuse, resulting in inflammation and acne flares. BPO is a wonderful medication for clients with acne. However, for best results, please follow the instructions provided.