Anma Massage Tool by Jane Mann
Item No. 2106
3.2 out of 5 Customer Rating

Anma Massage Tool by Jane Mann

Skin By Jane Mann
3.2 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Anma Massage Tool is a unique facial contour massage tool designed to release muscle tension while increasing circulation to minimize expression lines and promote skin health.

This AOS exclusive comes with a Le Mieux Hyaluronic Shea Mask Mini.

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Why We Love It

The Anma (Awn-Mah) facial contour massage tool uses an ancient Japanese massage technique for lymphatic drainage and fascia release. Fascia is an important protective layer of connective tissue around your muscles; when tight and restricted, can lead to deeper lines and wrinkles. This tool boosts circulation to enhance collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production for plumping benefits, while allowing the facial fascia to return to a more relaxed, healthy state. It can help soften frown lines and wrinkles around the mouth, lift brows, and promote overall skin health.

  • Boosts circulation
  • Aids in fascia release and lymphatic drainage
  • Enhances collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production
  • Improves appearance of expression lines

1 Facial Massage Tool

Anyone looking to:

  • Stimulate blood flow and release toxins for overall skin health
  • Alleviate fluid retention 
  • Improve overall skin tone and diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relieve fascia tension and promote relaxation

You will achieve best results by using your Anma while your body is warm, such as after a shower, exercise, or sauna session. Be sure to use light pressure.

Forehead & Scalp

Hold the Anma and massage the forehead lightly, vertically and horizontally. Move all the way up to the scalp. Repeat the movement for 3 minutes, or until the skin becomes warm.


Sandwich the brow between the “fingers” of the Anma and move back and forth gently in a windshield wiper motion. As you feel the tension release, press the thumbs of the Anma into the pressure points of the eye area. Repeat until you feel the tension lessen. Massage under the eye along the orbital rim by gently moving the Anma towards the temples. 

Mid Face (Jaw/Cheek/Chin)

Move the Anma lightly back and forth over the cheekbone and up and down the side of the jaw. If you have TMJ issues, you can slowly increase the pressure to help relieve any tightness in this area. Next try pressing the “thumb” of the Anma into the pressure point of the jaw. Hold a few seconds then move gently up and down.

Lower Face & Neck

First, stimulate the jawline by using the handle of Anma to gently sweep down the neck towards the collarbones. Repeat till you feel the tension release in this area. To finish, rub the “fingers” of the Anma in gentle circular motions above the collarbone moving towards the outside of the body. 

Cleanse your Anma with a gentle cleanser after each use and store it in the provided bag. Detailed instructions with pictures are included with each purchase.

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Studio Tip

If you have used microcurrent and not seen the results you hoped for, it could be because your fascia is getting in the way. Pairing microcurrent treatment with Anma massage is the best way to give your face a revitalizing lift.

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