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Acne - Mild Blemish Prone

Mild Acne is defined as those having the occasional blemish. If you have mild acne, you typically don't get lard areas of red, inflamed breakouts or acne scarring.

Clearing this type of acne usually involves removing acne-causing ingredients from your daily skincare and makeup routine. 

Read about acne-causing ingredients here.

The products on this site that are acne-safe have a grey acne-safe badge.


Here are some of my favorite products for treating the occasional blemish.

Many people with blemish-prone skin get clear skin by simply adding Rhoda Allison Mandelic Defense Lotion/Toner to their daily routine.

For the monthly hormonal blemish, a spot treatment or toner pads can be beneficial.

If you rarely get blemishes but get blackheads and little congestion bumps or pebbles under the skin. Give Nelly De Vuyst Purifying Extract a try. Pores will clear within two weeks with no dryness or peeling.

If you suffer from constant blemishes, a stronger regimen may be needed. A multi-dimensional approach is often necessary. Exfoliation, combined with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory serums, is essential to target the multiple causes of acne. Our certified acne specialists are here to help!

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